Our Story

Hi! We are a growing apparel and lifestyle brand based in Charleston, South Carolina focused on quality gear, inspiring graphics and giving back to the waters and places we love.

Why Water?

Water is what we’re made of, and we see every day as a chance to get back to it. Near it. In it. On it. Around it. A chance to relax and ow – and a deep, soulful feeling of knowing we’re part of something bigger, something elemental.

There’s nothing quite like finding that secret path that leads to the water. Nothing like that walk through dappled light under a canopy of trees, when suddenly, the tree line breaks – and there it is: water. Shimmering light, teeming life, an endless mystery.

In that moment, the water’s all you see. All you hear. All you smell, taste, and know. All peaceful pause and grateful exhale. It’s excitement and calm and joy all wrapped up together with friends and family and sport and spirit and fun.

Wether it’s your ocean, lake, river, bay, or pond. If you’re chasing fish, dropping anchor, wading in, or paddling out. If you’re in your current latitude or far beyond it. It’s the feeling that you’re driven by – and on a mission to share.

That feeling is what drives us to make sun protection apparel that strives to help those who wear it feel as good as they look. It’s what inspires us to help people explore, celebrate, and preserve the waters and places they love. It’s what calls us, back, always back, to the water that makes us.