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Sublimation Printing – A Better Way

What makes a great printed shirt? Is it vibrant colors and rich detail? Is it the feel of the print? What about its impact on the planet? Maybe it is all about how it feels on your body?

At Altered Latitudes, we think all these things come in to play. That is why most of our graphic styles rely on the digital sublimation print process. Since our humble beginnings, we have been printing in this way.  Now, as this on-demand printing process grows in popularity, we lean back and smile - knowing that we have been here all along. Caring about the color, the process and the print drives us.


Poppin’ Graphics: It is hard to find printing process that   offers a richer or more vibrant color set than sublimation.   This CMYK print process offers our design team millions   of colors and hues to create the emotion and depth of   design you love to rep.

Pretty Much Permanent: The sublimation process is physics at its finest! The inks are printed on a high release transfer paper that we genteelly recycle after use. These inks contain solid natural dyes from the earth that turn into a gas during the heat transfer process. Our advanced microfiber fabrics “open” at a molecular level from the heat of the transfer process and  allow those natural dyes to settle into the open molecule. As we remove the heat source, these microfiber molecules close and encapsulate the dyes permanently into the surface of the fabric. Think of it as tattooing the ink into the fabric….forever.



Don’t Crack, Fade or Peel: Since those solid natural dyes are now encapsulated into the surface of your favorite shirt, they cannot crack, fade or peel. You will never loose that poppin’ color that attracted you to the shirt in the first place.

Wick On Thru: Unlike traditional screen printing of many other digital transfer technologies, Sublimation allows moisture to carry through the graphics. This means that you will never feel extra moisture trapped inside the graphic. Your AL shirt will dry evenly and quickly; inspiring that extra burst of energy to paddle to the other side.


Sustainable: Sublimation inks are “aqueous” or water based. The manufacturers of these unique ink sets mix water and naturally existing dyes to deliver a sustainable print solution. Combined with our paper recycling program creates a sense of pride and commitment to the waters we love.